Yamazaki 25 Years Japanese Whisky

  • 2010 / 2012 The World Best Single Malt Whisky

Yamazaki 25 Years Japanese Whisky


Comes with box

Yamazaki 25 Years Japanese Whisky; deep and complex with dried fruit, s
ucculent with soft fruit.

Yamazaki whisky is Suntory's flagship single malt, multi-layered with fruit & Mizunara aromas.

From Yamazaki was born the surprising, delicate yet profound experience of a Japanese single malt whisky. Spiritual and deep, its signature multi-layered taste is highly praised by whisky connoisseurs all over the world.

Tasting Notes

Colour: Mahogany
Nose: Dried cherry, currant, tomato puree, balsamic, walnut
Palate: Marmalade, coffee, cocoa, almond
Finish: Profound, hint of acidity