Yamagata Masumune Junmai

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  • Yamagata Masumune Junmai

Yamagata Masumune Junmai

$39.00 $48.00

Made from local rice of Yamagata prefecture called Dewasansan, grown in the own rice fields of the brewery with an organic approach.

One of the greatest sake makers in Tohuku region, Mitobe Brewery was founded in 1898 by Yasaku Mitobe in Tendo city of Yamagata prefecture.

Rice: Dewasansan
Category: Junmai (純米)
RPR: 60%
Alcohol: 16.0%
SMV: +3
Acidity: 1.4
Brewery: Mitobe Brewery
Area (Pref): Yamagata

Tasting Notes

Aroma: Green banana, citrus, cypress, smoky, powerful
Palate: Dry, delicate umami, fresh acidity, mineral, powerful
Finish: Clean and crisp, bitter taste