Jikon Junmai Daiginjo

  • Jikon Junmai Daiginjo

Jikon Junmai Daiginjo


Today, Jikon is attracting the most attention from Japanese sake lovers and the sake is one of the most difficult to obtain in the market. 

A super premium limited sake from one of the top Japanese breweries made with local Yamadanishiki rice.

Rice: Yamadanishiki
Category: Junmai (純米)
RPR: 40%
Alcohol: 15.6%
SMV: 0
Acidity: 1.4
Brewery: Kiyasho Brewery
Area (Pref): Mie

Tasting Notes
Aroma: Melon (unripe), peach compote, syrup
Palate: Medium-sweet, full-bodied, rich umami, moderate acidity
Finish: Moderate finish