Suntory Roku Gin Valentine's Day Floral Bouquet

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Suntory Roku Gin Valentine's Day Floral Bouquet

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Available only for this Valentine's Day this giftbox showcases Roku gin amidst a gorgeous bed of preserved white and pink roses, preserved hydrangeas, dried cotton, and dried baby’s breath. Preserved flowers are expected to last between 9 to 12 months, and are best left in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, heat and moisture.

This Valentine’s Day, show your love with the Roku gin Valentine’s special – a full-sized bottle in a box of everlasting blooms! Meaning 'six' in Japanese, Roku incorporates six traditional Japanese botanicals which are infused, distilled and blended by our Japanese artisans of Suntory Spirits in Osaka, Japan. 

Roku Gin vday Box1

Roku gin can be enjoyed on the rocks or in a Japanese Gin & Tonic! Prepared with extra care, the Japanese Gin & Tonic is served with ice and slices of ginger to complement the refreshing and citrus top notes of yuzu. More than a simple gin & tonic, the Japanese Gin & Tonic reflects the spirit of Japanese hospitality, Omotenashi, and is a refreshing ritual to be enjoyed with friends and loved ones – especially during this season of love!

Roku Gin Vday Box_Covered


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